Saturday Night Live Given Permission To Spoof Justin Bieber’s Pot Pics

JB2Justin Bieber has given Saturday Night Live the permission to spoof anything they would like about the pop star, including his recent alleged pot pics. As if this little dude needs more attention, right? But hey, it’s good news for the Bieberettes, I suppose. Here is the latest from Camp JB:

Justin Bieber is going to be hosting an episode of Saturday Night Live in the near future, and in a move that will either be genius or like wishing hell upon himself, Bieber has told producers that absolutely nothing is off limits for them to mock him about, reports TMZ.

snl1It’s not as if he doesn’t have plenty to be mocked for; that ridiculous hair, his tween music, his bizarre array of tattoos, that hamster he had for a while and then gave away… smoking pot. The list continues, but the smoking pot part is the most recent and will probably draw the attention of audiences and producers alike.

Of course, while there’s plenty to mock about the pot incident, there’s a lot of controversy that the show would do well to avoid, namely the death of the paparazzo who seemed to blow the first whistle on the marijuana situation, plus the subsequent reaction of fans that began as a cruel joke on 4Chan before being taken up by teens on twitter; #cutforBieber.

While SNL tends to push the boundaries a little, it’s rarely right out cruel to its audience, so Bieber is surely in safe hands. Not only will he be presenting, but also performing, and probably alongside some other serious A-listers, Bieber may not be your cup of tea but given the impressive array of guests they normally have on, it’ll definitely be worth tuning in. His show will air February 9th.

Whether you suffer from Bieber fever or not, I’m sure it’s going to be a funny broadcast. Rip him a new one, SNL! Thanks for tuning in to HMJ for all your cannabis community entertainment and much more, Greenie’s! Toke on and take a picture of a celebrity smoking weed and send it to me!

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  • Uriah

    It’s a good thing that he can come in front of an audience and bring some comic relief to a pretty negative situation! I still think it shouldn’t have been blown out of proportion like it was. I have to work late at DISH when he hosts. Knowing this, I’ve set my DISH Hopper DVR to record the shows so I am able to see them before my friends tell me all the details. It’s nice knowing that I will never miss a show. I can have the full season of SNL plus my other shows on my DVR, since it will hold up to 2000 hours of shows.

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