Save The Stoners – One Arrested Every 19 Seconds

A new report release by the FBI contained some shocking news for Americans.

A new FBI report released on Monday shows that there is a drug arrest every 19 seconds in the United States. That’s right, three people a minute, 180 people an hour, 4,320 people a day.

A group of police and judges who have been campaigning to legalize and regulate drugs pointed to the figures showing more than 1.6 million drug arrests in 2010 as evidence that the War On Drugs — really a war on U.S. citizens — is a failure that can never be won.
“Since the declaration of the ‘war on drugs’ 40 years ago we’ve arrested tens of millions of people in an effort to reduce drug use,” said Neill Franklin, a retired Baltimore narcotics cop who now heads the group Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP). “The fact that cops had to spend time arresting another 1.6 million of our fellow citizens last year shows that it simply hasn’t worked.
19 seconds. Every 19 seconds in America, a poor stoner gets thrown in the back of a cop car, his glass pipes smashed and his herbs extinguished. In the time it took me to write this article, 6 people have been fingerprinted and tossed in the slammer. These people need help. But there is a way you can do your part to help protect this majestic unendagered species. For the cost of only 1 postmarked envelope, you can help feed the nation with support for the cannabis culture using Hail Mary Jane stickers. Hurry, before its too late.

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