Savor the Last Lazy Daze of Summer

Today I commenced my morning activities by three brutally early wake up calls, a wicked hot flash reminding me I have to move into a new apartment today–one of the last overwhelmingly humid days of summer, and I’m as hungover as I’ve been in a good six months.  I proceeded to do a series of naps between 10 a.m. and 11:30 a.m., all of which I violently awoke from by this awful feeling of urgency–you know those days you just have shit to do?  Today is that day, for reals.

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So I proceeded to converse with a few people about how to begin a day like this–and I was pointed in the direction of a sweet diner right up the block, Deluxe Town Diner (Watertown, MA).  I spent a ridiculous amount of money on just these items below–for all you non-mathematicians, it costs approximately 75% the amount of a fat gram…and then I realized I was out of that, so it’s keef all day, baby…

Double Woof.

So now that I’m on this semi-schedule, as we all should be as the summer is winding down, I want to remind you that on days that are so seemingly ordinary–somewhere something extraordinary is just waiting for you to discover it.  And this song that I discovered, big ups to for the link, is a prime example of the so-called serendipitous moments that can redeem a ‘Double Woof’ day.

This track does not only have the few rappers I still love today–Nicki Minaj with her badass barbie bisexual bitchin’ness, Jay-Z and his BK ‘hol’ up,’s in rap that make my knees mushy and BON IVER!?!? When I heard his voice I thought I must be dreaming, but alas, I WASN’T!  Bon Iver, is an unreal indie-folk band whose name is coincidentally a play on a French phrase meaning “good winter;” is this crazy amazing collaboration a foreshadowing of Winter 2010? You decide.

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Author: L D Green

fro fa sho.

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