Schilling wants to play for the Yankees?

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Does Curt Schilling want out of Boston and in to New York?

Curt Schilling is probably going to be firing his shoulder surgeon soon.  On Monday the surgeon, Dr. Craig Morgan, was a guest on ESPN 950 with Mike Missanelli to talk about Schilling’s shoulders issues.  He talked about much more than that though.

Of course with him being a surgeon, he wants Curt to get ahead and get surgery done on his shoulder to repair it.  The Red Sox don’t want to go down that path with the 41 year old though.  The Red Sox would like Schil to simply rehab and deal with a few cortisone shots here and there instead of going surgical.

The Red Sox have the final say, so if Schil’s decides that he wants to go ahead and get the surgery, he wojuld be voiding his contract with the Red Sox.  Thats a $10 million dollar contract by the way.

According to the Surgeon, Curt isn’t feelin the Red Sox trying to control how he handles this.  He proceeded to drop this bomb:  “It’s entirely conceivable that he will have the operation, rehab, and pitch for the Yankees next year. That’s what he wants to do.

Curt responded by saying that he had no idea that his surgeon was even going on the show, no less saying that he wanted to pitch for the hated Yankees.  He dismissed what the surgeon said.  Wise move, in Boston you’ll get lynched for saying things like that.

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