Secondhand Weed Smoke Might Taint Your Drug Test

One of the most highly discussed and debated myths in the cannabis culture has finally been verified: Secondhand pot smoke can make you fail your drug test. In an article released by, Dr. Phillip Leveque discusses second hand smoke and its effects on people exposed to it.

“If a person went to a party where many people were smoking marijuana, and the person did not actually smoke marijuana they would pick up enough positive cannabinoids that they could show on a test.”

But before you start panicing Greenies, take a deep breath. The article says that the amount picked up by secondhand smoke is usualy very miniscule, and that it would “not typicially” be enough to make you fail a test. But “Probably Not” is still worse than “Definitly Not”, so make sure you use caution around secondhand smoke is your are being subjected to drug tests for whatever reason. Also Id suggest reading the whole article here, which has some good information and insight on drug tests.

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