Senate Bill 1449 Has Begun

Three months ago former California Governor Schwarzenegger signed Senate Bill 1449 which makes any amount 28.5 grams or less a civil infraction and only a $100 ticket. In an effort to clear up the legal system to get to real crimes. On Jan. 1 it went through and is now in full effect. So, you Californians have nothing to worry about besides a $100 fine now. I have no idea if it just $100 every time or if there is a limit of how many you can get. I hope there is no limit. Schwarzenegger, says,

The law will reduce the burden on the court system to process such petty offenses, saving the state of California much needed money.

At least one Governor is realizing this and doing something about it. The system is full of marijuana smokers that have done nothing wrong, me included. We are clogging the court system and taking time and money away from police and the city to punish real criminals. Let’s hope other states see that this works great and follows his steps.

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Author: MisterMaryJane

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