Senators Vote Against NJ Governor’s Restrictions

New Jersey lawmakers get the necessary votes to rewrite recently proposed medical marijuana regulations.

Senators in New Jersey voted yesterday to change regulations set by Gov. Christie’s medical marijuana administration. With a 22-16 margin, the administration now has 30 days to rewrite the regulations that were proposed on December 3rd. Among those restrictions, the existing administration include making New Jersey the only state to cap the amount of THC in the medicine. This comes months after the state legalizes marijuana for medicinal use.

As always, we will continue to bring the news on this story as it develops for all you medicating Greenies over in the Garden State.

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Author: Blake

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  • Who's to say how much a patient needs, should be putting a cap on the strength of herb. Step in the wrong direction New Jersey

  • Yous a HOE tribute

    Your fucking retarded.

    • PAR

      Geez, if you are going to make a fool of yourself with the cursing, don't compound the foolishness with poor grammar.. … So, next time, say "you're" [a contraction for you are]; not "your" an adjective showing possession…like you need to expand your vocabulary beyond the f-bomb…I hope this helps

  • Joseph Ficht

    Lets legalize and tax marijuana just as we do with alcohol.

  • AtlEsquire1973

    well doctors all the time presibe medicine in different levels of strenght, so this does not seem all that strange that there be levels or limits on the amount and the strenght. Just like Ambien (sleeping med) comes in several different strenghts, and painkillers, etc. I don’t smoke weed, but doesn’t the government regulate EVERYTHING in our lives? Every last thing. I think this decision should be up to the person’s doctor and their patient regarding how much and what level of flower-power needed. Really the Gov should get off our backs, but hahahahahaha- thats not going to happen.

    • rhytonen

      Judging from the overwhelming and catastrophic levels of havoc, mayhem, irreversible pollution, damage, and death dealt by unregulatable corporations, I would say government needs to defund defense and place all that budget into REGULATION – gov’t’s raison d’etre, the REASON WE FORMED IT – to protect the individual against powerful GREED.

  • AtlEsquire1973

    Don’t be a spelling or grammar nazi. Everyone makes mistakes, especially on little, tiny smart-phones. Comment on substance (for which that person had none). I still can’t figure out what his comment means (don’t tax it? don’t legalize it? Don’t compare it to alcohol, or tax it like alcohol, etc.). In conversation a person should be clear on the point they are trying to make. The F-bomber was not clear or smart making that comment.

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