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The Arizona Department of Health Services, which is administering the [mmj] program, has volumes of information on its website about the legalities and procedures of implementing the law.  The department also lists, by district, the numbers of dispensary applications, qualified patients and caregivers. Names of dispensary applicants are not disclosed.


At this point, qualified patients and caregivers are the only ones who can legally cultivate marijuana. Each patient may cultivate as many as 12 plants. Each caregiver may have no more than five patients, and could cultivate as many as 60 plants. When the dispensaries are opened, cultivation centers also will be legally allowed under state law. Once a dispensary opens within 25 miles of a patient’s home, the patient is no longer allowed to grow or obtain product from a caregiver. Given that criterion, very few people in the Phoenix metro area will be allowed to grow their own.

On the Gila River Indian Reservation, however, no one has applied for a dispensary license, but the state says there are as many as 19 approved patients. Those patients conceivably could legally grow their own supply.

Statewide, nearly 30,000 patients have qualified to take marijuana for a wide variety of ailments, including cancer and glaucoma.
By far the largest group sought approval to take marijuana for “chronic pain.”
HMJ will be following the unfolding of medical marijuana in Arizona. Stay tuned. Our original source material is here.

[images: Google images Arizona]

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