SF Chronicle Endorses Cali Re-Legalization

From the San Francisco Chronicle:

“Six years ago, California voters wisely rejected Proposition 19, crafted by determined marijuana advocates with far too little regard for the need to regulate and constrain its proliferation. Some of its elements were simply nonsensical: such as a nondiscrimination clause that would have prevented employers from banning pot smoking during breaks, laws that would have established a right to grow 5-by-5 plots that could not be usurped by local ordinances and a provision that allowed passengers to smoke in a moving vehicle. It included no state taxation.”

Its defeat gave those who recognize that Prohibition is a failure — but want a more rational and responsible approach to legalization — a chance to study the issue, assess the experience of other states and come up with an initiative that controls, not promotes, cultivation and sale of the drug.

They have achieved that balance in Proposition 64.

[editor’s note: the East Bay Times has already endorsed Prop 64] 

. . .
What Prop. 64 does

Legalizes marijuana use for adults 21 and older.

Requires licensing for cultivation and sale.

Establishes state excise tax of 15 percent on retail sales, and cultivation taxes of $9.25 per ounce of flowers and $2.75 per ounce of leaves. Standard sales taxes also would apply.

Creates packaging, labeling, advertising and marketing standards.

Allows local governments to impose additional regulations and taxes on marijuana.

Provides re-sentencing consideration for prior marijuana convictions.

Leaves intact the medical marijuana system created by Prop. 215 in 1996.

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