Sheriff Gives Man His 4 Pounds Of Pot Back

By: $@bs

A medical marijuana dispensary proprietor in LA enlisted the help of his lawyer to repo four pounds of weed that had been confiscated from him a year ago. (Damn, that shit’s dry by now.) The man had initially been arrested after being pulled over for a broken headlight. Officers smelled marijuana when they approached the vehicle and the search that followed yielded 4.5 pounds of weed in the trunk. The case was dismissed in light of the arresting officer’s lame explanation that the marijuana seller’s license was not valid in the presiding county (but… both are still in CA).

When the man went to the station to pick up his marijuana, he described the surreal scene as cops pulled out his bags of pot in the street. The local sheriff’s commander noted, “This is the first time we’ve released that quantity of marijuana. It’s not something we like to do.” (Right, because they like to take it home as their own, and name it George, and hug it and pet it and squeeze it…)  After the whole ordeal was put to bed and the marijuana was returned, the seller stated, “I believe this upholds the credibility of cannabis dispensing collectives. It’s a great example of California law being upheld like it should.”

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Author: Sabs

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