shopHIGHTIMES presents: Popaganja Cannabis Bodega With Ron English

[images via Erick Michael Media]

It is a fact that we are currently living in the most exciting time in the history of cannabis. For every ounce of energy put towards continuing the impractical process of pot prohibition, the effort to bring about reform is returned doubly.

For an inspiring (and quite daring) public installation, ShopHIGHTIMES, lifestyle apparel division of High Times Magazine, collaborated with artist Ron English on the Popaganja cannabis bodega pop-up installation. Held inside of BWood’s Wood Shoppe location on 147 Orchard Street in the lower-east side of NYC, the Popaganja not only is the ONLY physical location carrying the HIGHxENGLISH collection, but a living pop-up art gallery.

When first walking into the space there feels like an overwhelming amount of things to look at (like with many bodegas) which makes perusing the racks of limited shopHighTimes merch just as stimulating of an experience as choosing your favorite post-medicating session snack.

Jazerai Allen-Lord had this to say about the Popaganja installation:

working with the kids who own the High Times license (Christian Rodriguez & John Heredia) has been one of the most incredible experiences of my life. The vision that these two have for not only fashion, but for the integration of cannabis into the mainstream is mind-blowing, and it started with this #POPAGANGA pop-up and #HIGHxENGLISH collection

There are several color options of the flannel shirt, each featuring a different collaborative patch on the front.

The network channel-inspired THC design is seen across the entire HIGHxENGLISH collection and printed on t-shirts & hoodies as well as made into a patch.

Light-fade denim jackets featuring every collaborative patch were hand-signed by Ron English himself and have a large sewn graphic on the back featuring a flip of the famous Rolling Stones – Hot Lips logo.

Very understated is the political tone of many of the pieces displayed at the Popaganja cannabis bodega installation. One of the most imaginative pieces on display are what post-cannabis-prohibition covers of High Times Magazine will look like. During my interview with Ron English he made this point:

“how is it that we live in a society that 90%+ of people who participate in an activity and it’s illegal..why is it that everyone I know is a criminal?”

Of course the art gawd Ron English has a bunch of the vinyl toys available for purchase in-store giving his hardcore followers, as well as those new to his work thru the Popaganja installation, the equal chance to own an official representation of his iconic figures.

The shopHIGHTIMES x Ron English POPaganja cannabis bodega installation is open now thru November 5th to the public on 147 Orchard Street and the best place to pick up items from the HIGHxENGLISH collection while pieces are still available.

Rumor is there might be a Popaganja making its way to the West Coast shortly…

Author: Blake

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