Should the Red Sox try to get Barry Bonds? Whats your verdict?

Should Boston go for Barry Bonds? I read a really good article today over at Boston that made some good points and made me think about it. Here is the case for and against getting Bonds.

Case for getting Bonds

With the injury to David Ortiz, it leaves a big hole in the middle of their suddenly not so strong lineup. David Ortiz is one of the most clutch players in the game and he gets you 30+ home runs and 100+ RBI’s a year so without him they aren’t the same team.

Now in all fairness they did ok last year without Manny Ramirez for 23 games playing about .500 ball but you can argue that David Ortiz is more important to the Red Sox than Manny.

Now with the Ortiz injury, they could potentially be without him for anywhere from a month to the rest of the season depending on the severity and how his hand heals.

They still don’t know and with the AL East being the surprise of the Majors right now, it’s not going to help them to lose Ortiz at all. The Tampa Bay Rays are in first and the Red Sox are a game and a half behind. That right, I said the Rays are in first.

They have been the story of the majors and they don’t look like they are going to let up and don’t forget about Yankees.

The Yankees are currently in last place in the division but I wouldn’t count them out yet. They started out slow for the past two years and they still took playoff spots. They won the division in 2006 and in 2007 they took the Wild Card spot despite the fact that all of the “experts” said that the wild card would go to a Central division team.

The Sox don’t have a choice but to replace Ortiz if he is out for the long haul, is Bonds the Answer? Lets look at the downside of getting Bonds.

Case against getting Bonds

It is Barry Bonds afterall. The most controversial player in the league and maybe in all professional sports. If you think that people hate the Red Sox now, sign Barry Bonds and it will look like a soccer game in Europe when the Sox go on the road.

Barry Bonds had pretty good stats last season but if what everyone thinks is true and he did cheat, how much production would you really get from the 43 year old Bonds minus the steroids? Assuming that he isn’t still using.

Just look at Roger Clemens from last year example. Now lets say that the Mitchell Report is correct and he did use roids the years that they said he did but he didn’t use them last year. Look at the drop off in his stats last year. And the Yankees paid him very well last year with that pro-rated one year deal worth $28,000,022, or about $4.5 million per month. Oops.

You really just don’t know which Bonds you are gonna get and then of course theres the perjury case against him. How long is Bonds even going to be a free man? Thats a question that nobody really knows the answer to.

The other factor to consider how Red Sox Nation would feel about it. They hated Bonds just as much as anyone but now he would potentially be on the team. Would they suddenly love him? The low right field wall at Fenway would probably help. He could probably hit home runs over that wall in his sleep but Boston is considered a racist city and Bonds has already said that he couldn’t see himself playing there because of that.

Could the Nation look past these comments and forgive Bonds? I doubt it.

I can personally attest to the racism in Boston but I don’t know if it applies to the Red Sox. They seem to like Big Papi and Manny ok.

Final Verdict

I think that the Red Sox need to pray that David Ortiz gets better.

What do you guys think?


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