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Ladies and gentlemen! I have seen the future of smoking and I have to say, it’s Incredibowl! All puns aside, this pipe delivers a vortex of super-cooled smoke with every puff. What separates the Incredibowl from your average smoking device is its design. It appears to be made from a mad scientist’s crazy high-dea; they seem to have created a monster.


The unique characteristics behind the device lie in the bowl of the pipe. Aside from being removable with the help of air-tight, soft rubber washers, the engineering of the bowl itself is nothing short of genius. I say “engineering” because the design of such a device is only possible through the use of separate, movable parts. The area where one packs the flower is a simple, glass bowl with a small downstem that is surrounded by a larger, metal-like bowl, sitting in another one alike it, which holds it all in place. The larger metal holder is perforated with a series of small holes that allow more air to be pulled through the device.




Underneath the downstem lies a screen that is held in place by a rubber washer, a plastic cap and a spring that follows the length of the downstem. This is where things get interesting. The spring is taught until the smaller metal bowl is pulled after milking in a similar fashion of pulling the bowl off a bong’s downstem. When the pipe is sufficiently filled with smoke, the user pulls up on the smaller holder, opening the small holes and allowing super-cooled air to rush the smoke into one’s lungs at a much faster speed than otherwise possible. This rush reduces the harshness of the smoke, further reducing the possibility of coughing.


The Incredibowl is aptly named for its ability to create a more concentrated hit from the pipe, with the clearing ability of your average bong. The company that created this contraption, Incredibowl Industries, is constantly searching for ways to further perfect the Incredibowl, such as adding a Sherlock-style glass attachment, rather than constructing the standard “steamroller” design.


It has become one of my favorite on-the-go pieces, especially with the hard plastic case it comes with, so I cannot wait to see what Incredibowl Industries comes up with next!



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