Yesterday I seen some videos of Juelz Santana, Piff Unit & Shiest Bubz talkin hella nonsense about the West coast weed smokin nation! First thing they said was they could smoke anybody from the westcoast under the table… They also said that the medicated weed Cali got is regulated and NOT AS POTENT… And what really was the last straw for me was when Juelz Santana said he could smoke more weed than SNOOP! He called this competitive campaign SMOKE A THON 09 – Unknowingly opening Pandora’s Box…

Needless to say the west coast had a rebuttal…

Cannibus clubs, vaporizors, b-Legits, grow rooms and smokin 4 joints at one time through a cup?! YOU REALLY CAN’T FUCK WITH US BRAH! Furthermore your statement about our medical marijuana being regulated is Erroneous! For the most part the cannibus clubs in California are supplied by private growers… Meaning the streets push the weed to the government! We got honey bud, cannibus clubs entirely devoted to purple and I even have my own personal addition to Smoke A Thon 09:

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YES that’s a TRI-LEGIT rolled by yours truly… Hehe

In Conclusion, Juelz Santana and the rest of the East Coast Smoke A Thon participants yall cats know how to smoke and you got some good weed! Not only that the west coast shows alotta love and respect for the east in all aspects of the game, but for real… Yall just need to give us our props on this issue… Seriously…

Snoop Dogg has yet to come out with a rebuttal video, nor do I think he will (although he was talking about putting out a movie), snoop will always be king of the weed smokers in my opinion… He put it on the map… Besides he got B Real, Yukmouth, The Jacka, and the rest of the smoke a lot nation to hold down the west!

Shout out to Hail Mary Jane and all who are reading for putting a Dummie Bear on and believing in me I won’t disappoint you!

What it do this the dummie bear Balliztik this my first blog EVER please give me feedback tell me how I did… Also you can keep in contact with me!







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Author: dummie bear

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