Smoke Session Etiquette

I found another “laws of weed” type picture. As usual, most make sense but some of it doesn’t. The biggest one that stuck out to me was, “You bring the bud, you pick the music.” I have never ever heard of that in my 5+ years of smoking weed. If it’s my place, sorry but we’re listening to my music. I don’t mind people changing it but just because you brought the bud does not mean you get take the pilot seat on my iPod.

“No pictures on facebook.” So I guess HMJ’s facebook should stop posting pictures (lol). I get this. But I don’t see a problem of posting a new piece or a picture of your smoking room. No need to to post a picture of the half ounce you just bought or the joint you just rolled. I rarely even post about being high or even drinking on my facebook. That is what twitter is for.

“Come back whenever you want.” Unless I tell you this, do not comeback to my place with0ut a call, text, tweet or letter.

Looks like this turned to a little rant about the rules I don’t like. I wish I would get on these rants more often but I’m rarely irritated about anything to do with weed besides it still being illegal. I might have to put together a much better laws of weed post. Kidding, we already have that with Smokers Etiquette 101.

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