So I Got Arrested For Weed Part 2

A few weeks back our fearless leader known as Lenny told us about his experience of getting arrested for weed. After reading that I felt like I should also tell my experience of getting arrested for weed. I figured it would show a different side of being arrested. The big difference is that I was in a car unlike Lenny walking.

Like Lenny, I was on my way to a party. But it just wasn’t one party, but Halloween weekend up at Michigan State University. It was early Friday night when I drove down the highway at the speed limit. I never ever speed, specially when I’m driving with marijuana. I take the full precautions when traveling with weed. I put it all in my trunk in something that doesn’t look suspicious, obviously. But that didn’t save me this time.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate cops at all. You will never see me tweeting “f*ck the police” or really saying it. They are just out there doing their job like majority of other people working. I joke around about or use when it’s in lyrics or movies like Pineapple Express.

When I saw the police officer I kept my cool and kept driving the speed limit like nothing was wrong. He was driving slower than traffic and was in the middle lane. I could of either stayed driving slow and stayed behind him or drove past him driving the speed limit like I did. Little did I know he would run my plates. I do have a few priors. Nothing serious just some alcohol charges when I was 19. As soon as I got a little bit in front of him, he speed up and got right behind me. I knew it was over. Then the red and blue lights were in all of my mirrors.

Pulled over on the side of the road while the officer was running my license, registration, insurance and all I could think about is the gram of weed sitting in my trunk. While all this is going on the K-9 unit shows up. Almost every time some one gets pulled over in my area a second police office shows up. No matter what it is. It could be for a speeding ticket to a DUI to a out headlight. Any and everything two cops show up. This time the K-9 unit decides to show up for backup. Right then and there I knew I was gonna end this night in handcuffs.

The officer came back and asked me if I was carrying any guns, bazookas, or grenades. Clearly the answer was no. Then he asked about any drugs or alcohol. Which I had both in my trunk. Before he let me answer, he proceeded to tell me that he was gonna have the dog run my car regardless. So I should answer the question wisely. I knew I was screwed regardless of what I said. So I told him I have a gram and a some beer in the trunk.

That’s when the tv show type arrest starts. “Please step out of the car.” He read me my rights and then searched my car entirely. It took him awhile to get to the goods way back in the trunk. After all the searching and paper work computer work we took a trip to the station. Once we got back to the station the officer let me use my cell phone in the cell to find a ride and bail myself out. Luckily I was only there for about an hour at the most. I was charged with two mip’s and while my grinder and bowl was taken away. Including a ton of kief in my grinder too. The funny part of it is that when I went to get my car out of the impound the next morning. The officer left a giant roach on my passenger seat under some empty cigarette packs. First thing that I thought was that it was a setup. I thought for sure once I drove away that they were going to pull me over. So I did what any smoker would do and smoked it real quick.

That was my horrible time of being arrested for weed. I am still paying for something so harmful. This was in 2010 and it now 2012 and I am still dealing with the problems. It has cost me well over $2,000 in fees, lawyers, and other payments.

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Author: MisterMaryJane

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