So Much for Local Laws

As the Obama White House continues its betrayal of states which have chosen to adopt medical marijuana access, the news out of California is not encouraging.  In Cali’s Golden Triangle officials and growers had crafted a registration program for individual plants and their growers.  This plan gave growers some peace of mind, allowed law enforcement to focus on real crime, and put revenue in the coffers of local government.  Evidently all of these goals are bad, even though other counties had inquired how the program worked and how it might be begun elsewhere.  Everything collapsed with a threat of legal action against the county by the federal justice department.


The Greenwell Clinic got it next.

“This was Vallejo’s primo clinic, the best practices, no hangers-out on the sidewalk, no trash. Matt Shotwell, who operated the business, did it right. He invited me to tour the clinic a few years ago in preparation for a story I was writing. He was forthcoming about the business (prices, quantities, he even showed me the books), he showed me around the clinic explaining what they did, and showed me the procedures they had in place to make sure no kids got in and everyone had a medical marijuana card. All on the up and up.”
One can rightfully ask if local officials care about local law.

Not wishing to leave things on a down note, let’s close with World Cup-winning All Blacks coach Graham Henry. He may take legal action after light-hearted comments he made at a fundraising dinner were reported by New Zealand media. The shocking thing he said, at the $120-a-head function, was that if New Zealand had failed to win the World Cup he ”would have been in the south of France smoking marijuana and drinking red wine”. SO WHAT?

Keeping ourselves informed as our battle rages is the duty of all Greenies. Learn more about the Mendicino County report here. Vallijo County is here. The would-be toking coach is here. Our image is from google.

We will win this fight. We are the side telling the truth. Someday that will mattter.

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