Someones tryin to get the NFL back in Los Angeles?!?!

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The new blueprint for the NFL in L.A.

So apparently there is someone who is crazy enough to try and bring the NFL back to Los Angeles. Ed Roski, whos a billionaire developer, is interested in making the venture. Why he thinks he can succeed where so many other before him failed, I don’t know but he’s goin for it.

From LA times:

“I think this is important for Los Angeles, for the fabric of the city,” said Roski, who along with Philip Anschutz built Staples Center. “The city has done real well without the NFL, and the NFL has done real well without the city. But I think it’s important to have a professional football team in Los Angeles.”

Roski’s proposal is different from most because he controls the land necessary to build the stadium, training facilities and related development; and he already has a certified environmental impact report for the site.

Here is the fly over video of the current development:

Their goes is to have the Stadium complete by 2011 and to have the team in place by 2009. From there they would play at the Coliseum or Rose Bowl as a temporary home in the interim.

Good luck to whichever team potentially ends up in LA. LA has traditionally been a bad place for NFL teams. Both the Rams and the Raiders have been to the Super Bowl at least once since leaving back in 1994 and they haven’t looked back.

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