Something New: Police Fail of the Moment

This post was written by Ese Hozer, Click here to read more by this author

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While rolling a joint just a few moments ago, I started thinking about something I have been pondering lately: Hardly anyone does any coverage of cop fails. You know, there’s all those killer shows out there showcasing the scariest police chases, chance routine stops that turns out out to bust a mobile meth lab, crazy shit like that. And while all that is pretty awesome, eventually I somehow become offended and wonder: what happens to the ones that get away? I know you know at least one person that can or has outrun the authority. Someone who lucked out of a ticket or just got to see something funny due to a cop fail. From the dudes that can really pull some GTA shit and get away from the chopper and everything, to this guy in the video.

So with that in mind, I want to know what you guys think of this idea. Hail Mary Jane is the shit because our readers dig what we put up here, so personally I value what ya’ll think. Please vote on the poll below the video and let me know if I should scrap it or keep going.

Personally I would of had a VERY difficult time focusing on him after that. By the way, that pic up on top is some of the finest down the way from where I live (Albuquerque, NM). Makes me um, proud?

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Author: Ese Hozer

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