Soulja Boy Caught With Weed Inside Vehicle in Georgia

People are arrested for marijuana possession on a daily basis (every 36 seconds) and given the fact that it is almost routine to see a hip hop star here on HMJ shows that no one is safe from Johnny Law. In an incident that took place early this morning in Temple, Georgia current recording artist Soulja Boy of internet fame currently sits in jail after police found a currently undisclosed amount of marijuana inside of a rented Cadillac Escalade. Soulja, along with four other passengers, were taken to the Carroll County Jail and face felony charges. All of those arrested were said to be compliant with the officers requests and ‘went quietly’ so to speak.

Amongst the tree, Mr. Crank Dat was also said to be in possession of multiple pistols and about $70,000 in cash inside of the SUV. Incidentally I’m sure, Soulja Boy drops an autobiographical movie titled Soulja Boy: The Movie but his recent events can’t possibly be related…can they?

Over at Kush and OJ, they’ve come up with a term for rappers that find themselves in these situations. They call it the “Rap Tax”. If you drive around in a expensive car and you have 2 or more men (presumably black) with you, cops will assume you are either a drug dealer, or a rapper. Either way they make an excuse to search your car, they’ll find whatever amounts of weed and you’ll be forced to pay a fine. Whatever. Unfortunately for Soulja Boy he was carrying enough to be both a rapper and drug dealer and might see jail time behind it.

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Author: Blake

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