South Park Just Got A Lil More Hazy

Another big step towards making medical marijuana more sociably acceptable is being made by Matt Stone and Trey Parker. Opening their 14th season with “Sexual Healing” poking fun at all of the recent male celebrity sex scandals, the creators of South Park are now moving onto the the issue of medicinal marijuana.

In Wednesdays upcoming episode Cartman is devastated when he learns that his favorite fried chicken restaurant has closed and a medicinal marijuana dispensary opened in it’s place. Randy (Stan’s dad) is the first in line to try and get some “compassionate relief” but has a hard time trying to come up with a medicinal reason to get his bud on.

I’m really curious to see of this episode is going to help push people to support marijuana legalization. They definitely have the audience to make some sort of impact. What remains to be seen is whether or not it is for or against legalization. Be sure to tune into Comedy Central this Wednesday to catch this new episode airing at 10 PM Central.

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