Space Queen, Sativa [Strain Review]

Space Queen is a special strain that not only made me feel on top of the world, but actually blasted me right out of it! True sativa strains are known for their creativity, mental alertness and brightening effects. This particular strain, grown by the top producer of recreational cannabis in Washington, Phat Panda, instantly blew us away.

All About the Strain:

Type: Space Queen, Sativa-dominant
THC Content: 23.1 percent total THC
Rating: 4.6 out of 5.
Nugs: Crystal-packed dense nugs with firey orange hairs. A slight hint of purple.
Odor: Sweet and cheesy, like berry mixed with pineapple.
Taste: Inhale is spicy and mildy harsh, exhale and smooth, fruity and mellow. Sweet and Tropical.
High: Mental and relaxing high with strong head haze, brings a thick buzz but user feels alert.

The winner of the 2015 Toke Tank Green Gold Award, Phat Panda has produced a unique and special strain. Space Queen is mellow with a fruity taste that will fill the room with its sweet aroma.

Many sativas produce a thick head-high that can be hard to wade through, but Space Queen lets the user fly. It doesn’t weigh you down or prove to be too strong, even after a few hits. Recreational and medicinal users alike will bask in its fantastic buzz.

Read the original strain review here on Toke Tank.


Photo Credit: The Queen of Clovers

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Author: The Queen of Clovers

The Queen of Clovers has a love of fragrant, sticky green and her favorite strains frequently have Diesel roots. Find her blazing, hiking or writing at her site Toke Tank (, about all things weed-related.

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