Sparkling Glass

A resin filled bowl can be a life saver when the weed runs out, but every once in a while you should clean your piece. You can always go out and buy pipe cleaner, or you can do it at home. Follow these simple steps and your piece will sparkle like new!

1) Get a ziplock baggie, rubbing alcohol, and salt (ordinary table salt works just fine)

2)Put your glass piece in the baggie

3) Pour in enough rubbing alcohol to cover your whole pipe

4) Add two Tsps of salt (this is how much i use, the amount is not too important though. If you cant find something to measure with, or you’re too stoned to figure it out, just pour in enough to make a very thin layer at the bottom.)

5) Zip the bag tight! (this is important or you will be covered in salty rubbing alcohol)

6) Shake it up!!

7)Leave it in a safe place over night

8) Remove your piece and rinse it off in the sink.Most of the resin should have rinsed right out. If it is still really black, start over at the beginning.

9) To get the last bit of resin out, soak a paper towel in the salty alcohol and use a paper clip to push it (gently) through your pipe. In my experience bowls are often the dirtiest part of my pipes, so use this paper towel to scrub it and all of the resin should come off.

*Important Note* None of the resin rinsed out with alcohol can be smoked, do not try it.

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Author: Beasley

I'm a CU student. other than that my life is weed

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