Sports Wrap for yesterday: Cotto beats Mosley, Ohio State loses, Celtics 5-0 after another win and more news…

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Cotto Knocks off the Mosley

Last night in Madison Square Garden, Miguel Cotto faced off with Shane Mosley. Cotto usually wins fight with his passion and by overpowering opponents but last night was different. He faced off against Shane Mosley who was his best adversary to date. The fight went 12 rounds and was very hard fought but Miguel Cotto was able to pull off the well earned tactical victory.

There were no knockdowns and few big hits but the 27 year old Cotto (31-0, 25 KOs) was able to consistently land his jabs. Mosley couldn’t get anything effective going and could not stop the consistent Cotto attack.

Cotto’s right eye was cut in the final round after an accidental headbutt. Mosley tried to use his power to make a comeback in the final round but Cotto was able to avoid Mosley’s strengths as the blood dripped down his face. When the bell rung, Cotto knew that he had won.

Very good fight. Cotto looks foward to his potential next challege, “I’ll fight whoever the company tells me, Oscar (De La Hoya), (Floyd) Mayweather, all the big names,” Cotto said.

Ohio State loses to Illinois

The Ohio State Buckeyes national title hopes took a big hit after their stunning loss to the Wisconsin Badgers yesterday at home. The turning point of the game was in the fourth quarter when the Illini went for it on fourth down and converted. The final score of the game was Illinois 28, Ohio St. 21.

2007 is a cursed year for ranked teams in college football and the buckeyes are the latest casualty. As the year of the upset rolls on, here is the updated AP top 25:

1. LSU (40) 9-1
2. Oregon (22) 8-1
3. Oklahoma (1) 9-1
4. Kansas (1) 10-0
5. West Virginia (1) 8-1
6. Missouri 9-1
7. Ohio State 10-1
8. Georgia 8-2
9. Arizona State 9-1
10. Virginia Tech 8-2
11. USC 8-2
12. Texas 9-2
13. Hawaii 9-0
14. Florida 7-3
15. Clemson 8-2
16. Virginia 9-2
17. Boise State 9-1
18. Boston College 8-2
19. Tennessee 7-3
20. Illinois 8-3
21. Cincinnati 8-2
22. Kentucky 7-3
23. Michigan 8-3
24. Wisconsin 8-3
25. Connecticut 8-2

The Celtics win one for Doc

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It was a long day for Doc Rivers yesterday. In the beginning of the day he was in Illinois attending his father’s funeral. Only hours later he was in East Rutherford, NJ coaching his team to an impressive 112-101 victory over the Nets. Luckily for Doc though he doesn’t play for the Vikings.

The Celtics were able to effectively send a message to the Nets that they are in fact the team to beat in the East.

The Big three looked very good in this victory as usual. Paul Pierce, who was scoreless in the first quarter, went 13 of his 28 in the third when Boston turned a seven-point halftime lead into a 21-point margin. Allen added 27 points and Garnett had 18 points and 14 rebounds.

Vince Carter left the game in the third with a sprained right ankle after adding 17 points.

NBA News

  • Brandon Roy lead the way with 32 points for the Trail Blazers as the defeated the Mavs 91-82 last night. This ends a 13 game skid against the Mavs for the Blazers.
  • Leandro Barbosa had 39 points to lift the Suns past the Magic last night 106-96. Grant Hill was considered the bad guy for maybe the first time in his career last night having to deal with relentless booing. Despite that he still had 14 points and 8 rebounds

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