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I have finally awaken from my Spring Gathering induced coma. This was by far the GREATEST Medical Marijuana Music Festival I have been to, big ups to Weed Maps and Guerilla Union for putting this event together. I strongly advise anyone and everyone who enjoys good smoke, good people, and good music to plan to hit this event up next year. Words really can’t explain how much fun I had, but I’m gonna try.

The trip down to San Bernardino started Friday so that I’d be rested for this Noon-Midnight event. The drive down there definitely drained me, but I woke up feeling fresh the next morning. After a quick shower and some grub I grabbed my iPhone and opened up the Weed Maps app to find me a nice dispensary with some hashes. I happened to come across a brand new dispensary named Royal Remedies (literally, the guy told us they’ve been open for two and half weeks) and boy did they hook it up for a first time patient visit to the club.

Now I had traveled to Spring Gathering with a buddy and we were coming prepared. We had gone to the dispensary only looking to get some hash, but after seeing what they had for hash we had to take a look at what they had to offer for flower (I’ll be doing a seperate post reviewing the hashes and buds we got from Royal Remedies). After the guy opened the first jar I was instantly sold on the idea of buying some herb from these guys. It was a lineup of just pure bliss, everything had its own very pungent distinct smell, you can tell that these buds were grown by people who know what they’re doing. Finally, I decided on some Platinum Master and my buddy picked up some of their Super Silver Haze. The budtender Tungston (sorry if I spelled your name wrong)  threw in some free edible samples and packed up our meds and we were on our way to Spring Gathering.

Now I hadn’t looked in our new bag of goodies until we got to the parking lot of the event, that’s when I realized that Tungston had REALLY hooked us up fat. Along with our bud (which he hooked up a 5.5 gram eighth of for each of us) we discovered that Tungston also threw in an EXTRA GRAM of the Cold Water Blue Dream and Cold Water OG hashes we picked out. That really pumped us up for this event, everything was off to a great start and things were only looking to get better.

After picking up our VIP passes and going through the Patient check-in we were finally in the event, the first place you enter (after going through the patient check-in) is the Trinity Wellness Consumption area (1 of 2 consumption areas). This was a beautiful spot for the patients at the event to light up, gorgeous grass all around, nice huge shady trees, and booth after booth of vaporizers set up for patients to vape their own meds. Trinity Wellness had also setup a small area of couches in front of some nice flats screens looping Half Baked on one and Grandma’s Boy on another through out the day.

Once we finished rolling and smoking the first of many joints, we ventured off into the General Expo area. There was about 30 or so booths set up outside covering just a little bit of everything cannabis, ranging from local dispensaries to grow boxes to stoner merchandise. Surrounding the outer portion of the expo was munchie row, creating a perimeter of mouth watering goodness. Weed Maps and Guerilla Union knew that they would need to have a little bit of everything to satisfy the thousands of hungry stoners. They had it all; pizza, hot dogs, hoagies, funnel cake, Greek gyros, rootbeer floats, corndogs, kettle corn, burgers, Thai food and the list goes on.

Now, on the opposite side of the event was the Aqua Labs Consumption Area and it was just a beautiful as the Trinity Wellness Consumption Area but it had one major difference, BONGS and lots of them. The Aqua Labs team had graciously provided somewhere between 30 and 40 water pieces for people to smoke from. On each table there was at least 4 pieces to choose  from and the Aqua Labs people would come around regularly to clean out the bongs and pipes and to replace the water. They really know how to cater to the patients in the consumption area. I noticed that the Weed Maps team had picked this side of the event to set up their private section where I saw Gil filming some beautiful ladies for, what I’m sure is a new video for WeedMaps.TV

The rest of the expo was being held inside another building just outside the Aqua Labs Consumption area. Inside the first thing you see when walking in the door is the Weed Maps booth. Off to the right they had a stage set up for the various discussion panels that were going on through out the day. The rest of the building was packed with numerous booths, again touching every subject in the marijuana field. This place was packed with different vendor selling bongs, pipes, shirts, hats, nugs jars, etc. Many of these booth I’ve seen at other event like HempCon and INTCHE so it wasn’t really anything too extraordinary for me, but definitely worth checking out, I ended up grabbing a Sneak-A-Vape, vape pen for $30 which I was pretty stoked about.

Back on the other side of the event, over by the Trinity Wellness Consumption Area was another, bigger building where the musical guest would be performing. Weed Maps and Guerilla Union put together such an amazing lineup that you didn’t really care that it was 110 degrees inside and that your legs were on fire by the end of the night. Luckily though, after each performance there was about 30 minutes between the next group, so you had time to go chill in one of the consumption areas to relax your legs and spark a fresh one. There was also a special section of the event reserved for the VIP pass holder where you could chill outside on one of the numerous sofas or you could hang out in the ballroom type building where they had a live DJ and bartender. With the VIP ticket you got a little S.W.A.G. including a Spring Gathering Back Pack, T-Shirt, Poster, and Drink Tickets, also this is were you can have a meet and greet with some of the artists performing at the event.

To get things started they brought in the Spanish, hip-hop, reggae group Los Rakas who was followed by Dilate Peoples.Then New Kingston hit the stage, a group of brothers that opened up and played for Collie Buddz. Once Collia Buddz was done rocking the stage Tha Dogg Pound paid a tribute to Nate Dogg. Following Tha Dogg Pound was Stephen Marley joined by his brother Damian. Then Mr. Tommy Chong himself came out and played a few classic Cheech and Chong songs. After Tommy humorously confessed to not remembering anymore songs and said his good bye to the crowd the roadie crew got to work on assembling Travis Barker’s and Mix Master Mike’s giant boombox stage. In the left speaker was Mix Master Mike on his turn tables and in the right speaker with his drum kit was Travis Barker rocking hard to a variety of songs mixed by Mike. After completely destroying the crowd Travis and Mike were follwed up by Cypress Hill! Sen Dog and B-Real completely killed it, through the entire set you could see nothing but clouds of smoking coming up from the crowd. B-Real made sure to spark up a fat joint that would give the 2 ounce missile a run for its money. Then to close out the night was Snoop Dee Oh Double G.

This was just an absolute amazing event and I am already looking forward to coming back next year and you should do the same! I will be uploading videos to our YouTube page and pictures to our Facebook page so be sure to check those out.

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