Stoner Art: Snoop Dizzle

Update:Thank, Hoolio, for letting me know this was made entirely out of roach papers. I just saw this today and threw it up with only glancing at it. Thank our viewers.

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Author: MisterMaryJane

I type stuff on a computer. - @MisterMaryJane

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    for those of you who don't know, that pic was made entirely out of roach papers, there are many others that that artist did, including the classic Jack Herer holding the 4:20 watch, again. THAT PIC IS MADE ENTIRELY OF ROACHES!!.

    • Really can I get a link please.

  • hoolio

    buddy who runs the site you should put up a lil saying at the bottom saying it's made out of roaches bro!!! on the homepage

  • 420allday

    I think you all are a bit confused to the technique.. He did make this with leftover roaches but he didn't unroll a bunch of jays and use the paper, rather he used the burnt out end of the jay to draw the pictures. Kinda like using. crayons or charcoal. I'm sure they smell heavily of burnt cannabis lol