Stoner Foods: Ramen Burgers + Other Types of Food That Went and Had Babies With Each Other

Last night, after a few rips from the bong and a piece of 420-enhanced dark chocolate, I found myself sitting with some gnarly munchies. Leave it up to that one open-late spot down the street to come through with exactly what I needed. This restaurant has had an identity crisis for the past couple of years; initially self-proclaimed as a Vietnamese cafe, they became a tapas restaurant, then continued on to be a fusion restaurant... Well, they finally seem to have found their niche in what they now call "California comfort food".

Something I noticed that was new on their menu for a limited time, was this ramen burger.

Instagram - @uhhlaine

Instagram - @uhhlaine

This thing was absolutely ridiculous, but I won't lie. I cannot wait until the next time that I get to sit down and have another one of these bad boys. Also, don't feel bad if your neighborhood hasn't been blessed with ramen burgers at your disposal, because you can easily whip these up in your own kitchen just by following this recipe from Mashable.

Creating hybrids of various food seems to be the new trend. We saw it with the "cronut" and now the ramen burger is going pretty strong. Here are some other interesting hybrids of food that are definitely getting my appetite, as well as my intrigue, going.


The Cronut (Croissant + Doughnut)


Oreo Muffin


Red Velvet Pancakes


Churro Waffles


Burrito Dog


Pizza Hut Cheeseburger Pizza

Burger King Pizza Burger


Grapple (Grape + Apple)


Pizza Muffins


Cupcake Cones


Pumpple Cake (Pumpkin Pie, Apple Pie, and Cake)


Doughnut Macarons




Brookie (Brownie + Cookie)


View more food hybrids HERE.


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Author: Elaine

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  • Wishy Panda Hafeez

    those red velvet pancakes look absolutely divine.

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