15 Classic Stoner Scenes In Movies

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A few months ago on twitter, I put out a twitter question asking for some of the best Stoner movies of all time. People gave me lots of suggestions of movies and I immediately put them on my netflix queue. After doing many hours of research, while dazed and confused, I compiled some of the best stoner scenes ever.

Before moving on, Let me clarify what I mean by stoner scenes. Some of the scenes are scenes in movies where people are smoking, some are funny scenes in “stoner movies” and some of movies that aren’t really considered stoner movies but someone does something stonery in it (if that’s a word).

Either way, sit back, blaze one, and enjoy some of the best stoner cinema.

Up in Smoke – If you don’t know who Cheech and Chong are, somethings wrong with you, get off of my site right now…. just kidding.

True Romance – Brad Pitt as Floyd is awesome.

Half Baked – Here is the Scene where Snoop gets in on the Cyph. Funny shit.

How High – Classic scene with Redman doing some charitable work, with a blunt in his hand.

Friday – Puff Puff Give…. It’s the law

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Author: Lenny

Women. Weed. Weather. @LennyGaiter @hail_mary_jane

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  • Eurobob

    Good list, but there are plenty of scenes in the big lebowski where the dude has a good toke, u just never see him spark a full jacob, but he's constantly smoking dregs with his tongs

  • Cudweiser

    What about the blunt rolling scene from Kids. Classic!

  • Rix Dellio

    Party from Revenge of the Nerds when they smoke blasting to Thriller.

  • Slipy

    What about the Charlie Sheen scene from Ferris Bueller's Day Off


    How bout the movie Belly when DMX is smoking with Lenox. "Jamaica really good"

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  • bob

    How abt the scene from scary movie which ruined parodies forever and made it possible for garbage-comedies like Disaster Movie to still be greenlit. But they need to be honored for revolutionizing stoner-flicks forever

  • IAB

    I actually prefer the Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay scene where Kal Penn is in bed with Danneel Harris and then brings the bag of weed lady in the fun.

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  • Matt

    Missing the greatest stoner scene ever, from Withnail & I. The Camberwell Carrot. [youtube PObknmaH9po


  • jpinto

    nicole kidman in eyes wide shut smoking and dreaming of getting fucked is still nº1 scene
    and an honorable mention to twins town … pretty much the hole movie but specially the bathtub scene.
    scary movies have also a lot of stoner scenes.

    great list though! most of the classic ones are there

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  • U forgot about Rockers. u r a noob

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  • Steaven

    So you can find the information on it on my search resource http://filesmixx.com contains extensive search base on video and audio to materials.


  • Draaz

    Scene from Grandma's Boy with the monkey driving and shit.

  • kajdyifk

    dudeee, what about SLC punk? that mmovies pretty fuckn fiyyah.

  • Drake


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  • The link isn't working for me… I just hope that 'Saving Grace' staring Craig Ferguson is in there.

    My favorite is when the old ladies make tea. 🙂

  • mokoceno

    fear and loathing son

  • Rod

    You have got to add the scene from The Fast Times of Ridgemont High where Jeff Spicoli falls out of the VW van with hella smoke!!!

    • jesus_carust

      you're retarted

  • SuperStoner16

    Deuce Bigalow European Gigolo! Okay, I know that this is a pretty retarded movie in general but, you have to admit that it has some great scenes in it. Like when they are in the cafe eating Space Cake and rolling joints. And then he climbs into the picture.

  • jesus_carust

    How about the opening scene in Knocked Up where they are all hanging out at the house doing funny ass shit. Great scene

  • stoner


  • Jay

    Also when he is in the bathtub, surrounded by candles, relaxing… just before the Germans burst in and threaten to cut off his johnson. Oh and the marmot is in that scene too! Nice Marmot!

  • Bill


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  • Joe

    Cheech and Chong up in smoke

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