Stop Being Lazy Sportswriters

David vs. Goliath.  The headline writes itself; although it would have been better if Duke didn’t share that first consonant with the David character from the bible (yes, he was a fictional character).  Butler vs. Duke.  Clash between the small (4200 undergraduate students at Butler) and the titans of ACC basketball, Duke, with their disturbing tyrant of a head coach Mike Kryzyzewski (betcha didn’t think I would take the time to spell it out for ‘ya).  Read on to find out why this is going to make you nauseous before Monday night comes to a close.

No one except those crazy kids from Butler had them going this far.  I’m not even sure there were many Butler students who had them in the final of their brackets.  But, these kids, many of them pastier than my Irish brethren, are the only team to have beaten a #1 seed-Syracuse, and the #2 seed-Kansas St. to advance in their bracket.  They’ve consistently out-played bigger, stronger and more veteran teams.

I hate Duke, and that bias should be noted, but to simply proclaim them the champs because they’re ranked higher and Coach K is more experienced, insults what Butler has done.  Butler has the nations longest winning streak, currently at 25 games, and they’re David?  Really?

There is a multitude of drivel to shovel in the face of the American public, so why stoop to the lowest common denominator for your stories (I understand the irony behind that since I’m writing about how the David vs. Goliath story is silly).

This past weekend, I sat with my family in Indiana and watched the final four.  My family likes to drink, so we did that too.  Maybe you haven’t heard, but Butler is from Indiana, so everyone was wearing Butler Blue.  My family will do some more drinking after tonight’s supposed contest between David and Goliath.  David had his sling-shot, and Butler has their 4 perimeter shooters, and a stifling defense that hasn’t allowed much over the last few weeks.  But enough with the comparisons.  Duke is favored, but Butler will prevail, and I’m looking forward to the drunken phone call from my cousins.

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Author: Tyrel

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