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The Denver Post recently ran an article by Susan Greene detailing the initiative by Denver law enforcement to change Amendment 20 (passed in 2000), which allows the sale of marijuana for medicinal purposes.  The man she focuses on is Tom Gorman, director of the Rocky Mountain High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area program.  Gorman is actively lobbying the statehouse electorate to overturn the Colorado amendment allowing marijuana dispensaries to operate in order to sell marijuana for medicinal purposes.  Read on to find out the real reason this is happening, and the deplorable involvement of local businesses on law enforcement’s behalf.

The attempts by Gorman and others to stifle the state amendment runs in direct contrast to Obama’s declaration that all federal agents should cease targeting legally sanctioned marijuana dispensaries, and the patients that use them, if state law decides they are constitutional.  The Justice department has backed off, but Gorman, himself a federal employee, doesn’t take his orders from the Commander and Chief or the local legislators, ‘”If Colorado state leaders elect to legitimize and try to regulate dispensaries, that action would be in violation of Federal Law . . .,’ he threatened in a memo that’s being passed around the state Capitol.”

Salsa Wired for Change does a good job outlining the real reason behind the push to re-criminalize medical marijuana treatment.  Law enforcement groups are lobbying so hard on Gorman and others’ behalf because marijuana is an issue that directly effects their ability to make a living.  They aren’t concerned with moral turpitude, they simply want to make sure they can get paid by arresting infirmed patients that use marijuana to hold their lunch down after another Chemo round.

Salsa Wired for Change did a little more investigating and unearthed some dubious local business sponsors that are supporting the initiative.

In particular, the Colorado Drug Investigators Association (CDIA), the group spearheading anti-marijuana lobbying efforts, is sponsored by several local and national businesses including Starbucks Coffee, Glock handguns, and — you guessed it — members of the alcohol industry

Sonofabitch!  The Glock handguns really hit me close to home since it’s one of my favorite guns to fire on the range (very lightweight but the kickback is a bitch), but it’s great that the alcohol industry is in on it and Starbucks.  Alcohol doesn’t present a problem to society, POT DOES!   Also, for all you Double Ristretto Venti Nonfat Organic Chocolate Brownie Frappuccino Extra Hot drinking hipsters, try and just make regular coffee at home or get it from a street vendor.

Join Wired for change and take action today.

1. Boycott Starbucks and other sponsors of the CDIA (see below), and CLICK HERE to send Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz an e-mail letting him know you will not be buying Starbucks products until it ends its sponsorship.

2. CLICK HERE to send a message to the heads of the organizations below, urging them to end their lobbying and stop harassing people for using a substance far safer than alcohol.

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Author: Tyrel

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