Strain Review: Alice in Wonderland [Sativa]


Marijuana with names that promise big things always pique my interest at the recreational pot shops. After visiting the famous Cinder on Division in Spokane, WA, I picked up “Alice in Wonderland” and it left me with high expectations. Alice in Wonderland is a favorite movie of mine, and of course it is always best enjoyed with a nice bowl of green. Smoking this sativa-dominant gem topped the charts.




[Image via: The Queen of Clovers]


THC Content: 17.7%

Sight: Delicately dense nugs. Dark green with spiky, cactus-like hairs.

Smell: Tangy, pungent, fruity and tropical. Smells like PEZ candy.

Taste: Fruity and strong, almost like dill pickles finished with raspberry.

High: Instant, strong euphoria and full body happiness. Enter “Cloud 420.”

Rating: 4.8 out of 5


**Pro Tip: Hold it in as long as you can. You’ll be happy you did and soon feel a warm rushing sensation followed by instant elation. **

One of the strongest highs I’ve ever experienced off of a single hit, Alice in Wonderland promises wonder, creativity and happiness. It delivered all three, and much more. An instant come up that is bright and surprising, the taste is tangy, fruity and strong.

Alice in Wonderland’s roots come from the strain, Willy’s Wonder, which many recreational and medicinal users toke to find creativity, relaxation and wanderlust. It has been hailed as a fantastic outdoor weed — perfect for summer exploration.

An excellent strain to revamp a mood or lift your spirits on a dark day, reach for Alice in Wonderland next time you want to experience a truly blissful high. Highly recommended by me and all of my smoking buddies, this gem by Cannasol  Farms is a personal new favorite.

Read the original strain review here.


[Image via: The Queen of Clovers]

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Author: The Queen of Clovers

The Queen of Clovers has a love of fragrant, sticky green and her favorite strains frequently have Diesel roots. Find her blazing, hiking or writing at her site Toke Tank (, about all things weed-related.

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