Strain Review: Durban Poison, Sativa

Contrary to its name, Durban Poison delivers a dose of blissful relief after a long day without leaving you couch-locked. Said to have originated in Durban, South Africa, both parents are well known heavy hitters in their own right (Northern Lights x White Widow). Combining them to form this super strain (seen below) was genius and a real treat for the marijuana community.

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  • Sight: Emerald green, brown-orange hairs and crystals. Medium-Large, dense buds
  • Smell: Grassy, with hints of pine and sour notes
  • Taste: Earthy, sweet and smooth
  • Effects: Uplifting, euphoric, happy, relaxed
  • Rating: 4/5


Visually, this is a perfect example of a sativa strain. Durban Poison has dark green foliage and is covered in THC crystals and brown- and orange-colored hairs. The piney scent of the buds can be very loud without being too skunky, so keep it in an air tight jar if aroma is a problem. 

While having a THC range of 16-25%, this pure sativa starts slow with relaxing cerebral effects after the first puff. With each successive hit, I felt the effects quickly build into a strong, euphoric state while still being able to function and carry on conversations with my friends. I enjoyed this particular strain out of a simple bong, with its smooth smoke and surprisingly sweet taste. However, one could enjoy this strain any way they chose. This sativa powerhouse is excellent in treating depression, stress and muscle fatigue, and will impress even the most seasoned veteran. The drawbacks from medicating with this strain are ones common in all sativa-type strains, including dry mouth, dry eyes and slight paranoia, especially if one is new to marijuana or new to strong saliva blends.

All in all, Durban Poison is a wonderful sativa strain that will come through for you when you are feeling down. Enjoy it at home with your favorite movie or out and about with Mother Nature.  In short, Durban Poison will not disappoint. (Rating: 9/10) 


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Author: JONG

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