Strain Review: Jack Herer [Hybrid]

Over the years, your average smoker is going to come across many different strain names, often with more misnomers than correct identifications. I say this because this particular strain of Jack Herer, which is known for its sativa characteristics, has a considerable Indica presence than one might expect. After the first pull from the bong, I felt a very strong sense of euphoria, which lasted for hours. Continuing to smoke, a strong body tingling that felt very nice on my neck and back started to creep up on me, and continued to grow. During this time, my creative instincts took over and I started writing furiously on this and other future pieces. 


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  • Sight: Dark green, brown hairs, with sticky, tight buds that are crusted in powdery kief
  • Smell: Pungent, dank, sweet hints of chem and citrus
  • Taste: Smooth, medium smoke, with a bit of spice
  • Effects: Uplifting; hazy; slight tingle of the body; relaxing; happy; creative creep
  • Rating: 4/5


This timeless strain is named after the marijuana activist, Jack Herer, who was made famous by his work supporting marijuana culture and his book, The Emperor Wears No Clothes. Jack Herer gets its distinctive traits from its three parent plants — Haze, Northern Lights #5 and Shiva Skunk — which may account for the mixed effects I experienced. When inhaled, it has a very thick, dank smoke that pulls very well in a bong, and also rolled up in a Zigzag. The high starts to creep up on you in minutes, and your mood is elevated instantly, followed by a strong body high, which relieves the body and mind of stress and fatigue. An instant favorite of mine, this particular gram was completely covered in light green powder and crystals, punctuated with dark orange hairs. These beautiful buds are tight, dense and very sticky. The smell is very pungent (especially after being ground up), with deep citrus notes and a powerful acrid smell one usually associates with Chemdog strains.

Personally, I think Jack Herer is best enjoyed outside, possibly while listening to Slightly Stoopid’s “2am” at full volume, while feeling the creep of creative haze and good vibrations wash over you in waves of awesomeness. But, I digress. For those looking for relief of stress, chronic pain, migraine and writers block, this one is a must try. This strain will please newcomers and aficionados alike, with a medium draw and thick, spicy smoke; those with respiratory problems might benefit from using a vaporizer or making a batch of edibles. Be warned, the hazy cerebral effects can be overwhelming for some and may create some disorientation if one over-medicates.

Overall, the Herer strain is a testament to the pioneer for which this plant was named after. The creative and idealistic nature of his work is personified in this excellent cannabis specimen and should be enjoyed by all. So before you write your next chapter, enter nature’s embrace, or spark up some chronic and take a moment to reflect. Reflect on those who came before us and what they have to teach us. (Rating: 4/5)


R.I.P. Jack Herer (June 18, 1939 – April 15, 2010)




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