Medicated Monday: Keeping the Flo

This is an article by our new Colorado Medical Corespondent, Colorado High. She will be providing an up and close perspective on the state of medical marijuana in one of the most progressive states. Enjoy

Oh, when you’re feelin the Flo, you’re really feeling the flow.  I don’t know about you, but while I am smoking my way through Colorado dispensaries, I’m working on my category list.  Some stuff is good for great brain activity and writing, some is good for watching an intense movie (I used to get like this when 24 was on.  I’d get high as hell and then only remember to breathe during commercials.), some good for just being knocked the hell out, and some, some is good for spending a little quality naked time.  Flo is my go-to get nekkid smoke.

Flo has a great earthy taste and, to me, smells a bit like coffee when I open up the love canister.  I knew as soon as I had opened it that I had taken this ride before and couldn’t wait to go one more time.  Always looking to make a good time better, Flo deserves every bit of the over two foot bong that goes oh so well with ice water.

After the first couple hits, I’m feeling it behind my right eye.  The left eye has a little higher tolerance.  I’m still feeling very active but relaxed at the same time, so couch lock not a problem with this strain.  Mind you, one or two hits, depending on your tolerance, may not get you there.  I’m up to three lung fillers before the sensation goes south.  Medically, Flo should be good for stress and anxiety relief and I’ll certainly back that up.  Even for those of us with very busy minds, Flo will give you a rest from yourself and let you get loose.

Lucky me, I get a nice body buzz from this strain that buzzes nicely in all the right places.  I’d say it lasts for a good hour, perhaps more depending on level of activity.  Label Flo as a “smoke it all day” weed if there’s no heavy thinking involved and you’re in a social mood or setting.  But hey, every setting is social when weed is involved, ain’t it?

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Author: ColoradoHigh

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