Strain Review: Maui Waui [Sativa]

When I first heard that this strain was still available, I could not wait to get my hands on it. The first time I heard the name “Maui Waui” was in a movie starring the OG stoners themselves, Cheech and Chong. Realizing this movie, Up in Smoke, was made in 1978, I wasn’t sure if I could even find something that was made almost 40 years later. To my surprise, it was indeed available, and it knocked my socks off! (minus the Labrador…see clip below)




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  • Sight: Big, light green buds; tight and dense, brown hairs — dusted with kief
  • Smell: Sweet and floral, with grassy notes
  • Taste: Smooth, no cough; mild smoke
  • Effects: Euphoric, motivated, relaxed, giggly; provided pain relief
  • Rating: 5 out of 5


Maui Waui is an old school favorite, which has stood the test of time and manages to keep up with even the most potent new strains. Believed to have been conceived on the island that shares its name, Maui Waui is a tropical oasis of relief that takes us back to the roots of stoner culture. Sativa by definition, Maui Waui has very bright green buds that are large and dense.


My sample of this strain was covered inside and out with small brown hairs, which were covered in powdery kief; and which had a sweet, floral aroma, along with grassy notes. Smooth, sweet smoke from the bong is my preferred way to take this medication. The smoke was so smooth that I didn’t cough once. I am not sure if this has to do with the plants genetics — Hawaiian saliva blend — or the method in which it’s grown.


The THC levels of this strain reach up to 27% — the highest percentage that I have ever seen in flower form. The first hit is followed closely by a strong euphoria, a pleasant sensation that doesn’t quite creep up on you as much as it wraps you up in its tropical embrace. After medicating for a few minutes, I fell into a fit of giggles — the likes of which I have not felt since sampling my first bowl of Blue Dream back in college. My laughter subsided after awhile and was followed by a tingle of pain relief, paired with unexpected motivation, and I proceeded to clean the entire kitchen.


Overall, Maui Waui is a spectacular marijuana strain, which proves that old school genes continue to deliver and surpass modern day expectations. A perfect sativa specimen, it delivers all the mood and stress relief of a tropical vacation minus the airfare and cavity search. So, if you can find this island treasure, my advice is get it while the getting’s good and make it last… and maybe spark up a bowl or two for me, because my vacation just ran out.



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Author: JONG

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