Strain Review: Orange Kush [Indica]

Fragrant and fruity bud is a favorite of mine, and Orange Kush had a scent that was beguiling. Once the package was opened, the light, sweet orange scents floated through the room and changed the mood in a positive direction. This strain, grown by 420 Growers and Processers, and sourced from Spokane’s Satorimj, is a sweet new favorite.



[Image via: The Queen of Clovers]



THC Content:  21.8%

Sight: Very large, loose nugs with orange hairs; covered in furry trichomes.

Smell: Deep and bright orange. Smells like candy or sherbert.

Taste: Earthy and explosive; the smoke is sour and smooth.

High: The high starts in your head and moves from your mouth down. At first, it produces a foggy head high, but quickly clears into a social and cerebral buzz.

Rating: 4.1 out of 5


Orange Kush

A nice and easy indica strain with light cerebral effects and a low body high, this bud is as enjoyable as its amazing scent. Brightening up the room with its instant mood elevation, you’ll feel lighter and less weighed down by the world.

Heavily enjoyed in Amsterdam as a popular strain of choice for coffee shops or daytime outings, it’s easy to see why this weed has become so popular in Washington state. The indica effects aren’t too heavy or overwhelming and the flavor of the bud is like that of candy. The nuggets are large and loose, but overflowing with furry hairs and glittery trichomes.

A strain created from multiple parents around the world, it’s enjoyed in many different cultures. The cerebral effects made intelligence sharper and your whole brain feel creative. Have you ever tried Orange Kush?

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[Image via: The Queen of Clovers]

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Author: The Queen of Clovers

The Queen of Clovers has a love of fragrant, sticky green and her favorite strains frequently have Diesel roots. Find her blazing, hiking or writing at her site Toke Tank (, about all things weed-related.

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