Strain Review: Platinum Kush Wax

Strain Review: Platinum Kush Wax


Ever since I discovered dabbing I have been searching for the substance that is most suited for the dabbing experience. There are so many different types of hashes, waxes, and oils in production nowadays that it is difficult to choose. Over the years I have moved on from your average dab rigs to a subtler and less dangerous form of dabbing, vaporizer pens. The right concentrate with the right pen can be a match made in heaven, and my pen’s match is Platinum Kush honeycomb wax.

A particularly powerful phenotype of the famous OG Kush, Platinum Kush represents all that is hoped for in an indica strain. Named for its seemingly metallic shade of THC crystals that wraps around the colas, Platinum Kush is a thing of beauty that is not to be underestimated. This indica type has a very pungent smell that only intensifies when processed into wax. The effects of this particular batch are a very sedating, calm high that will help relax novice users into a deep sleep. More experienced smokers may hit this hash a few more times and find a head-rushing euphoria replacing the calm properties. Not long after the cerebral effect pass does a muscle-tingling body high take over and last for up to an hour.

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This strain was made for pain relief, as one might expect from an indica leaning plant. Perfect for a night in with a movie, or listening to music under the stars; Platinum Kush wax sets the standard for what an indica should be. Be sure to check with your dispensary as to the type of hash that you are receiving, the only downside I experienced with this wax was that it did not spread well onto joint papers. For this type of wax, the pen is the way to go. Platinum Kush is a strain that all indica lovers and sativa lovers alike should try, wax or bud. Whatever your preference is, this Kush will not disappoint.







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Author: JONG

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