Student Smokes Weed As Part Of Class Assignment

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A Washington student had an oral presentation and the topic was marijuana legalization. Not sure if he chose the topic or if the teacher did but as part of it, he decided to to pull out a joint and spark up.  Even after the presentation was over, he still went back to his seat and finished his joint.  Damn right!

I wonder what his final grade was, after he got arrested that is.

According to Pierce County sheriff’s detective Ed Troyer, the student smoked the joint during his essay supporting the legalization of marijuana.

He then finished his essay, sat down, finished smoking the joint and then ate the end after it was fully smoked.

The teacher of the class contacted the school resources officer, a Pierce County sheriff’s deputy, who found a small residual amount of marijuana on the student, Troyer said.

I’m not really sure what he was thinking, probably to prove that he is not just talking about but he is living it. Not very smart either way even though I am not going to throw him under the bus for it.  Teachers expect you to do comprehensive research when writing papers.  He could have easily just copied all his information from wikipedia but NO, he decided to do real life research.

What better way to learn?

In my opinion, he should either be released immediately and given an A on the assignment or the teacher should be arrested too for making students do essays.  Oh thats not a crime?  Smoking weed isn’t shouldn’t be either

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Author: Lenny

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