Studies Show That Marijuana Is Not Linked To Lung Damage

Stoners everywhere should rejoice at this news. After conducting one of the longest and largest studies ever done on marijuana, researchers found that not only does marijuana smoking NOT cause lung cancer or chronic breathing problems but it can actually help to improve lung health.

This is CRAZY news and ultra important to the cause. WebMD has the scoop on this on one:

The study has followed more than 5,000 young adults in four cities for more than two decades. More than half of the people in the study reported smoking tobacco, marijuana, or both.

Over time, researchers repeatedly checked two measures of lung function: One was a test that measured the amount of air forcefully exhaled in a single second. The second test measured the total amount of air exhaled after taking the deepest possible breath.

Those tests help doctors diagnose chronic, irreversible breathing problems like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Cigarette smoking is a leading cause of COPD. And marijuana smoke contains many of the same chemicals as tobacco smoke.

Unbelievable study! I am so glad that this information came out and people are finally seeing the truth about marijuana. Just like any other substance, if you abuse marijuana it can become a problem for you but if you use it responsibly it is clearly a safer choice than alcohol and tobacco.


Ty Palmer

Empirical evidence to report. 15 year cannabis smoker. No tobacco ever. No lung issues. Mind sharp as ever. The report about smoking not causing lung damage is no surprise to me. Viva Sativa!

Reggie Kush

OK 1st. Bout time the truth came out, I been telling people that cannabis is the way to go and doesn't damage your lungs .

2nd. Nobody noticed this but she is in a restaurant reporting ,but not only that, she is reporting about Marijuana.Hmmmm makes me wonder did she get high then decide to go grab some grub lol.


I'd love to hear the full details on this one, such as if they were smoking joints or using maybe a bong? Because using papers to smoke is surely more damaging to your lungs. Also for it being the top read story on CNN, you would think they would have much deeper coverage on it instead of this short segment.


no one take it as serious as they would another top story. in stead they toss in their own opinions and laugh the story off. good new bad reporting job


Great news, a positive for the cannabis community, and God, CNN anchors are fuckin annoying, spare me your bullshit opinions and tell me the news

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