Study Shows Smokers Who Started As Teenagers Lose I.Q. Points That Adult Smokers Don’t

[via NY Times Blog]

One notion that has widely been accepted as fact is that marijuana makes you dumber. That stigma may prove to be false with a results of a new study showing that adult smokers may not actually be losing any part of their I.Q.

1,037 people were tracked from birth up until their 38th birthday and were interviewed on how often they smoked and if there were any problems that might have arisen from said cannabis use. While the results did show that those who regularly partook in marijuana use from a young age lost I.Q. points as they got older, the ones that didn’t begin smoking until early adulthood didn’t lose a single point.

Madeline H. Meier, a postdoctoral researcher at Duke University had this to say about the study and how the brain develops:

Adolescent-onset cannabis users showed significant I.Q. declines, and more persistent use was associated with greater declines…we know that there are developmental changes occurring in the teen years and up through the early 20s, and the brain may be especially vulnerable during this time

These results definitely serve as a stepping stone in irradiating the stereotype of the brain dead stoner.

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