Suggestions On How to Legalize Weed

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How to legalize weed.

1. Create a federal guideline for the selling, growing and distribution of it. Allow for a unified system that makes it impossible for consumers to purchase more than one pound per month per state. With individual states creating said system within there borders. Thus curtailing any efforts of stockpiling by consumers.

2. Tax it. Thus creating a new revenue stream. Allow for the federal and state governments to have a 75/25% profit share with the federal government taking the bulk.

3. Make it illegal to sell it outside of federally approved dispensaries.

4. Make it illegal to sell it to those under the age of twenty one.

5. Make it illegal to grow unless under contract from the federal government.

6. Make it illegal to carry or posses a firearm on dispensaries.

7. Make all dispensaries federally protected similar to abortion clinics and libraries.

8. Keep already existing state laws pertaining to public consumption. Make it legal if used only in the privacy of ones home.

What other suggestions do you guys have?

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