Superior, Colorado Is Primed To Prohibit Pot Shops

The Board of Trustees in Superior, Colorado has voted unanimously to prohibit recreational cannabis shops, smoking clubs and cultivation centers in their municipality. 6-0 was the vote tally for this round of decision making, but the trustees are slated to cast their final vote on the matter during their next session in February.

What’s up in Boulder County? Are they so certain the allowance of a pot shop or smoking lounge would ruin their precious province? It seems the Superior Board of Trustees has made up their minds, and the answer is yes.

COl1If it wasn’t enough to force resident jane smokers of Superior to drive to the nearest town that allows weed stores in order to purchase some pot, the trustees also voted to prohibit the cultivation of cannabis in their municipality. Yeah, that’s right; they have taken away your state legal right to cultivate the Amendment 64 outlined 6 plants per household. Welcome to America, home of the free?!?

The companion legislation likewise prohibits the public consumption of the gratifying ganja. Well duh, we can understand the public’s resistance to that variable, but the beloved board members want Superior residents to be assured that although they can’t keep you from possessing that legal ounce or less, they will make certain you won’t grow it, buy it, puff it out in the open, or kick back in a smoking lounge in their town.

This isn’t Superior’s first prohibition rodeo, no sir; they decided that the medical marijuana patients of their municipality shouldn’t have local access to cannabis over two and half years ago when they successfully banned medical marijuana dispensaries.

Trustee Sandy Pennington proclaims her and her colleagues made the right decision to prohibit medical cannabis dispensaries and similarly feels banning recreational cannabis commerce is the right choice for Superior.

“We had so much support on the medical marijuana dispensary ban,” Pennington avowed. “Opening our borders up for the business side on marijuana is not right for the town.”

COl3And what would a pot prohibiting story be without a “what about the children” plea, so here it is courtesy of the Mayor of Superior himself, Andrew Muckle, take it away Andy! “Superior’s a family-oriented town and people don’t want to be in a park, with their kindergarten children, where people are smoking pot,”Muckle averred.

There you have it folks, that’s a wrap! What’s left to say after that well-crafted pile of fear and ignorance? I completely understand Mayor Muckle’s apprehension and concern, it’s just frustrating to possess the knowledge to educate individuals with his particular mindset, but not live in his community to voice my concerns.

If you are from Colorado and the municipality you reside in is petitioning to ban recreational or medical cannabis, then get actively involved by educating yourselves and others on the science of dank and make them think.

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