Support for Medical Marijuana Grows (as long as it’s not near them)

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The unfortunate onomatopoeia of the Pew Research Center is showing that almost 3/4 of Americans are in favor of medical marijuana.  That’s not soo surprising considering some of the figures we’ve seen over the last half year, but this is an encouraging marker in our fight to legalize.  We just have a long way to go still.  I’ll explain what I mean after the jump.

While, it’s nice that “With a growing number of states moving to legalize medical marijuana, nearly three-quarters of Americans (73%) say they favor their state allowing the sale and use of marijuana for medical purposes if it is prescribed by a doctor,” it doesn’t necessarily mean they understand how harmless marijuana is compared to every other drug including cigarettes and alcohol.

73% is a lot, BUT

There are public concerns about legalizing medical marijuana. For example, 45% say they would be very or somewhat concerned if a store that sold medical marijuana opened near other stores in their area. And roughly the same percentage (46%) says allowing medical marijuana makes it easier for people to get marijuana even if they don’t have a real medical need — though just 26% of Americans say this is something that concerns them.

So, 1/2 of Americans wouldn’t want a medical marijuana dispensary near them, and they think making medical marijuana legal makes it easier to score marijuana for recreational reasons.  First, kudos to 46% of Americans for understanding that it’s easier to find pot to smoke casually when it’s legal for medical purposes.  Makes sense.  But, for shame on the 45% who are concerned about a medical marijuana store moving near them.  They should read this article and get back to me.

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