Synthetic Marijuana Changed to Avoid Ban

Did you hear? Synthetic pot is has been banned by the DEA. Not that any HMJ readers would care because smoke the real ish! But for those poor souls that don’t frequent this website at least 20 times every hour on the hour, maybe synthetic marijuana was a nice way around the whole illegality of actual marijuana, who cares if it’s harmful for you, or if the man responsible for inventing it DOESN”T WANT YOU SMOKING IT, because pshaw–what does he know? I wrote “was a nice way around” because it’s illegal now, it sorta puts you synthetic tokers in a tough spot right? WRONG!? In another chapter of “what will they think of next,”synthetic marijuana developers have devised a diabolical plan to avoid prosecution. Read on to find out how!

Developers of synthetic marijuana have performed some slight alterations in the chemical make-up of their product and avoid prosecution.

Developers have changed the chemical just enough so that the form made illegal by the DEA is no longer present, thereby allowing it to be sold.

One of the most popular brands of the synthetic marijuana — sold as incense to get around rules applying to substances for human consumption — is called Barely Legal, reports Jerome Burdi at the Orlando Sun-Sentinel.
Barely Legal is part of the comeback of artificial cannabis substitutes specifically designed, first, to get around the ban on marijuana, and now, to get around the ban on the original form of synthetic marijuana, which contained the chemical JWH-018. This is done by tweaking a couple of molecules just enough so that it’s no longer “illegal.”
Tweaking a couple of molecules sounds fun right? Jesus, just get your herb from a local dealer, and stay away from this crap. If the stupid name doesn’t warn you against smoking it, then let me. It’s dangerous, not as effective, and it’s synthetic. If you’re really hard up for a high, sniff some glue like my generation did back in the day. I’m joking, but seriously avoid synthetic herb and it’s off-shoots because it’s just not worth it.
Marijuana, the real kind, is delicious, and everyone except the federal government agrees. Toke the real ganja, and leave the synthetic bullshit to kids that are too stupid to know any better. Marijuana is nice to you, don’t cheat on it now with cheap knock-offs.

[Toke of the Town; pics via risk managers & alive with ideas ]

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