Teen Cannabis Use Declining

Evidence shows re-legalization is not causing an increase in teen cannabis use.


Researchers from the Washington University School of Medicine in St Louis surveyed 216,852 teenagers from all 50 states and found that the number of adolescents with marijuana-related disorders dropped by 24% from 2002 to 2013. During that period, overall teen pot use also decreased by 10%, despite the fact that more than a dozen states legalized medical marijuana and decriminalized the drug during that time.

“It’s obvious that the whole concern about youth drug abuse is bogus,” said Dale Gieringer, director of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws’ chapter in California . . ..
. . .
During the 12-year period of the study, 10 states relaxed criminal sanctions against adult marijuana use, and 13 states implemented medical weed.

A key finding from the research, which collected data from teens aged 12 to 17, is that patterns in youth marijuana use are closely tied to broader trends in adolescent behavior – a connection that the authors say is much stronger than any potential correlations between use and legalization.

Lots more detail at the original post HERE.

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