Ten Key Players in the Cannabis Culture Every Toker Should Know in 2012

Happy New Year, Greenies!! I hope you all made it to the other side, if you’ve done “New Years” before than you’ll be familiar with getting beat in the head with year end reviews from everything from commercial bloopers to cute kitten pictures.

Well, I’m here to save your brain cells as I offer you the *blows trumpet*


There original list appears here, but this list contains my take on their version of “Who’s Who” in our green world.

  1. Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson – a former Republican and now a Libertarian presidential candidate I read through a few pages of Google hits and didn’t find anything extremely weird. No sex scandals, and no religious craziness but what I did see what this candidate has gone rouge and isn’t getting much love for his political position. Indeed, he’s vocal about cannabis, though I’m not sure if this discussion is common sense or a ‘hot topic’ policy used to only to gain voter approval with no intention of addressing our demands once that election is secured.
  2. Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer – She supports and loves Fed marijuana policy but hates Fed immigration policy. Yeah, we like that she likes cannabis but at the same time Gov Brewer has a shit load of issues with everything else but marijuana. For instance, she voted to end Arizona’s public health entitlement program that provided health care to uninsured children. She also wants undocumented immigrants to go back where they came from, no amnesty for working law abiding undocumented immigrants AND she supports concealed weapons in bars and restaurants, as long as the person isn’t consuming alcohol…….Uh, yeah. She’s suddenly lost some of her luster.
  3. U.S. Attorney Laura E. Duffy – One of the four people that we DEFINITELY should keep an eye on as they engage in a mass “crack down” on the California medical marijuana industry. Duffy is seeking to bring charges against cannabis supporters, suppliers and well as those who do business with the businesses that support cannabis. Laura Duffy, a lesbian doesn’t have much available on the internet, I don’t see articles, write-ups, op-eds or opinion pieces explaining the reasoning of her stance on the cannabis hatred. All I can premise is that this effort is simply financially backed and Duffy isn’t even bothering to go through the trouble of pretending like her position on marijuana has anything to do with crime, people or compassion. Keeping an eye on her may be problematic since her piercing blue eyes look un-Earthly and evil. She may even be Borg.
  4. Patricia Spottedcrow – This single mother of four was sentences to be imprisoned for nearly a decade over her selling less than $50 worth of pot to an undercover. This could be any one of us because $50 bucks of pot is about what you can scrape together out of the seats of the car of most weed smokers I know. And since this could be me or you, we should really give a dam about what happens in a country that thinks it is in the best interest of society to jail a single mother of four children for nearly a decade of her life rather then seeking to correct the economic situation that caused her to be outside attempting to sling drugs for extra income.The financial strain on tax payers, the emotional burden on her children and Patricia’s loss of the days of her life just don’t make me feel any safer or better about life in America, how about you? Add that to the fact that she was selling drugs to feed her kids and you see why we fail big time.
  5. William Breathes – The pen name of a journalist defeating unscientific and inaccurate DUID laws in Colorado. His twitter is relatively quiet right now, so this is a great opportunity to follow him/her and stay up to date with the many cannabis articles this guy churns out. Using a sense of humor, and a down to Earth approach, I see that he’s knowledgeable about everything from premium bongs  to the optimum flavor of cannabis to enhance your seafood three course meal. Yeah, keep an eye on him, I am.
  6. Rep. Barney Frank – this legendary lion of legalization is set to retires from Congress in 2012 but surly that won’t be the end of what you here about this long standing political pundit. Retired politicians don’t die; they do the talk show/book deal circuit. Not for nothing, he’s one of the people that has something good to say for nearly every issue facing Americans. Its a shame that politicians that challenge to the status quo are ignored and others that offer lip service get front and center stage. Barney Frank has recently gone against the BOA fees, excessive military spending and auditing the Federal Reserve. All of these things are good; he’s good. 
  7. Mackenzie Allen – This former cop’s legalization question found its way to the top of the Presidential survey. In a previous life this guy spent A LOT of time arresting, interacting and studying drug use among some of the most notorious substance abuse states in the county. This detail isn’t lost on the fact that this former cop’s opinion falls on the side of supporting drug abuse as a public health issue. After spending many years pursuing, interviewing and getting to know both the victims, and the police enforcement as people. Allen has done the kind of self reflection and correction that it will take for society to stop stepping on the lives of sometimes ill and desperate people as we reach for ‘civility’.
  8. Willie Nelson– Do I need to go into details of the many reasons we should all hail this living legend? There nothing further that needs to be discussed about why Willie Nelson is our friend. He’s taken more than his fair share of abuse for his use and personal belief regarding cannabis and civil liberties.Go cop a CD or download a song or two so that we can keep this man in business…I think we owe him one, no? Lets really not forget those that stood up for our rights BEFORE it became trendy to be a pot head.
  9. Alison Holcomb – Creating a new approach to legalization, this current ACLU maven is a kick ass attorney and civil rights advocate who has been using the power of legal strategy to gain back the rights of the accused since before her days at the non-profit behemoth. A Google search brings up page upon page of her written opinions and articles. I love a smart woman and I definitely love a smart, legal minded, cannabis supporter.
  10. Steven DeAngelo – Harborside’s CEO brings marijuana and the fight for legalization into the homes of millions everywhere on Weed Wars. There are some that critisize the show as not being the one size fits all story of the people and issues that make up the marijuana sub-culture.Be that as it may, simply having a version of our story is worth the begrudging critisism. All roads lead to progress, in my opinion, Weed Wars provides that one conversation that may easily lead to others…and here is as good of a place as any to move toward progress.
 So here you have it…every person that you should keep an eye on in 2012. Did I miss anybody or talk shit about someone I should have shown love too? Leave a comment and let me know, I too, can be corrected (occasionally).

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