Texas Police Can’t Get Rid Of Confiscated Weed

Texas police in Brooks county are having trouble getting rid of marijuana that they have taken from people during marijuana busts. They are currently storing about 200,000 lbs from drug cases over the last decade. They would destroy it but apparently it costs too much to destroy marijuana, on top of all the of costs of arresting and prosecuting offenders. Their police department consists of seven officers and one private investigator who simply don’t have the time to prepare the weed to be destroyed so it just sits in a trailer somewhere (no they didn’t divulge the location). Find out more after the jump.

“This is a problem that doesn’t seem to be going away and anything we can get to help us to disposal of these cases once they’re done and to get ready for the next one that are coming in would be a great help,” said Deputy Daniel Davila

The marijuana cases date back to 2000 and the drugs are inside these three trailers. Authorities said the previous sheriff’s administration either didn’t keep good records or get destruction orders from judges.

It’s a priority for the current sheriff to get rid of these bundles of marijuana Deputies have destroyed some marijuana with two visits to the DPS incinerator in McAllen last year, but it cost nearly $30,000.

Now, the problem is taking off the plastic wrap around the marijuana, commonly used by drug smugglers, and Brooks County doesn’t have the manpower to do that.

“(It’s) very time consuming,” Deputy Davila said. “Probably for preparation to get it ready a week or more whatever trailers we are going to use to transport it up there and it would take several officers especially to remove the plastic from the contraband.”

The way I see it, this can easily be solved. Send me and the HMJ crew down there and we will incinerate all of the weed for them while they deal with real criminals. seeing as how I don’t think that’s going to actually happen we can just leave it to them to figure out.

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Author: Lenny

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