Texas Politician Roadblocks Legalization

Boo this man.
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Boo this man.

From one of the fine states whose classrooms teach creationism in science class comes Representative Lamar Smith, currently the primary obstacle to federal legalization of marijuana in our country.

The Texas Republican has said “Decriminalizing marijuana will only lead to millions more Americans becoming addicted to drugs and greater profits for drug cartels who fund violence along the U.S.-Mexico boarder,” which ignores the facts that A) marijuana isn’t addictive, and B) illegal crime syndicates don’t usually benefit when their bootleg product is legalized. So that should tell you the level of thinking we’re fighting against here in opposition to the Frank/Paul bill to end prohibition.

Ignorant fear mongering like this was the tool of the original marijuana prohibitionists, and it’s amazing that Smith would still be spouting lines like that over 70 years later. The Representative has set himself up on the House Judiciary panel which could deny the landmark bill its day before Congress, and that is exactly what he plans to do. If this bill goes nowhere, you know who complain to…

Feel free to make your voices heard.

Other items the Representative may be interested to learn include:
The Earth orbits the Sun. I know it may sound like crazy hippie talk, and they may have left it out of the curriculum in Texas to make room for the story about the guy who put every animal on Earth on his boat, but this bold new finding has been proven using “observation” and “the scientific method.” You may need to detail what those words mean for him, since he’s apparently unfamiliar.
The laws which prohibit marijuana are unconstitutional. The legal trickery that created them was tailored specifically to dance around the constitution he swore to uphold in his oath of office. Enforcing unconstitutional laws is a violation of that oath. You’d think a guy on the House judiciary committee would know that.
There has been no spike in marijuana usage among citizens of countries which have ended prohibition. For actual “evidence” of this fact (there I go again with those big words, lawya) see “Netherlands, The” and “-ugal, Port.”
The Cold War: we won it. We may as well help enlighten him on the end of the Red Menace as long as he’s freaking out over old-timey villains like Mexicans the Devil Weed.
Keeping marijuana illegal is actually supporting the Mexican cartels. Prohibition gets the bad guys paid, son. For evidence, see this.
How to dress himself. The shirt buttons go on the front, Congressman. He gets everything else backwards, so I assume he has trouble with this as well. It was nice of a staffer to help him with the above photo, but there may not always be an unpaid intern there to show ol’ Lamar how things are done. We at HMJ may need to step up for the poor guy.

All these helpful hints and more should be directed to:
Lamar Smith
2409 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515
202 225 4236

Here’s NORML with a few more ideas
NORML Lamar Smith

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