The 10 Dumbest Moments In TV Game Show History


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TV game shows are like America’s dream. People have the one opportunity to win thousands of dollars in front of millions of people. A lot of us feel like we would do well on game shows but how many of us really would? With the cameras on and the bright lights shining down on you, would you buckle under the pressure? Maybe, maybe not but at least if you are going to lose the contest, don’t sound like an idiot while doing it like these people. Check them out.

An Immoral Pleasure Seeker? I would have guessed the same thing he did.

The girls name is gay, NO that’s not the blooper. $250,000 wouldn’t even fit on that screen.

You probably should have slept.

If only this guy was after the chick instead of vice versa, he might have actually won some money.

That’s a shame. $603,000 could have bought liposuction for his whole family.

Martin Luther King? Really????

He definitely should have just listened to the crowd. Idiot.

Looks like you probably shouldn’t have blown all your money.

Being stupid runs in this family I guess.

She’s blond. Why does that not come as surprise to me.

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