The 10 Funniest Seesaw Accidents Ever


When you look around at a simple playground, you see lots of little death traps for little kids. The swings are treacherous, slides are perilous, but they all pale in comparison to the deadly seesaw. Ok maybe I am overexaggerating a little. Seesaws are probably not deadly but they can certainly hurt you, in funny ways. If you don’t believe me, ask some of the people in these videos.

annnnnnnddddd…. Owned!

I’m just glad these idiots didn’t hurt the little girl.

If you voluntarily seesaw your own balls, you don’t deserve to have them.


Fat people shouldn’t get on seesaws.

If you just listen and don’t watch the video, it sounds like the seesaw is way more fun for them than it should be.

Ouch, that definitely looked like that guys head bounced off that thing.

Bet her butt hurts now.

Your own knee to your chest has gotta hurt.

Guy tries to flip on seesaw, lands on his head

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